Episode 512: The Shortest Business Process in the World?

Monday, December 5, 2016
"I want to try business flow designing..."

In the world of "programming" it is said that "the only way to learn it is to write a program". In fact, everyone writes a program that displays a string "Hello World" at start learning programming. Similarly to this, "try to draw a Business Process" is very important even in the world of "modeling".

The following Business Process is started by "receive mail", and it ends with "chat post".

In the commonplace, a Business Process begins with some sort of "trigger", and several "Steps" follow after it. Whereas, there is only one processing step of "Post to chat" in this example. And, that is a "processing by computer" (automatic processing), so there is no "handling by human" at all. (What a heck!)

[Chat Post flow]

It may be a Workflow on a"level that wouldn't admit" by a person who is modeling the various actual business of companies... But it also seems to have some sort of practicality.

Consider, for example, a scene where the person in charge at the construction site shares "site photographs" within the company. Of course, there is a method of sending an "image attached email" to the in-house ML, but in some cases it is preferable to send it to in-house chat such as Slack or OpenChat. In such cases, you can simply set the send to address to "In-house chat posting address", if there is this Process.

Incidentally, this "cooperation mechanism based on email receiving" is categorized in B1 of below, among the APIs provided by "Questetra BPM Suite", a Cloud-based workflow.
  • A. "Developers APIs" always provided by the Workflow system (OAuth2 / Basic)
    • A1. Operation by User (Workflow APIs)
    • A2. Operation by Administrator (System Setting APIs)
  • B. "Process Model connecting APIs" provided by the respective Business application (HTTP / WebForm / Email)
    • B1. Start a Process (Message Start Event)
    • B2. Standby in the middle of a Process (Catching Message Intermediate Event)
    • B3. External transmission in the middle of a Process (Throwing Message Intermediate Event)

After all, as it is modeled to accept control from the outside such as "incoming mail", so in this business process you can start a Process by "site photo from construction site".

* It is controversial whether B1 "Email cooperation" can be said that it is one of APIs (Application Programming Interface). There are also various opinions regarding B3, so-called "Webhook", whether it should be called APIs. (It may be called as "Reverse API", "Web callback", "HTTP push" in some cases.)

I think that, you actually modeling it with your own hand, actually trying to send an email with your own hand, and seeing that it is automatically posted to chat, that is the moment you feel "fun of making things". Just like the moment you made it display "Hello World"...

"OpenChat posting" used here is not an automatic process incorporated as standard. If you want to design a Process Model from scratch, you need to add on your own. (M415)

[Post OpenChat、Config screen]

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