Episode 509: Submit Year-end Adjustment Document through Cloud-based Workflow

Monday, November 14, 2016
'What a cumbersome it is to fill in year-end adjustment paper!'

In Japan, workers in every enterprise are instructed submission of "two sheets of document" at the end of year. Looking at that annual paper, a salary earner would think to oneself 'Ah, this year is going to end soon...' And once starts filling in the paper, he or she would be irritated for its cumbersomeness. (And then later, administrative staff would deeply sigh for too many omissions of entry...)

=[EDEIE] Acceptance and confirmation of Application for (Change in) Exemption for Dependents of Employment Income Earner
'Is it OK to write "Same as above" in the column of Address of Family member?'
'Do I write "Same as submitted number" into the column for Personal number?'
'I am not sure about the date of birth of all of my family...'

= [DIPEIE] Acceptance and confirmation of Application for Deduction for Insurance Premiums for Employment Income Earner and Application for Special Exemption for Spouse of Employment Income Earner
'Life insurance with Term insurance rider... wordy...'
'Medical payments and personal injury protection ...wordier...'
'Management Organization for Postal Savings and Postal Life Insurance... too wordy!

It sure is an once-a-year "seasonal event", but it won't be a fun. Suppose 50 million workers nationwide would be irritated for 30 minutes, how much of GDP would be lost? (Need to break away from "handwriting" at least...)

* Incidentally, when it comes to wasting of "100 million sheets of paper" and "storage for it", it will be ended up with "Approval for provision by electronic or magnetic means". In short, it requires submission of "Application for approval on the provision of descriptions concerning withholding by electronic or magnetic means" (Japanese description only), which I would like to mention about at other chances...

The following two Workflows are schemes that an applicant makes application, and administrative accepts and confirms. Everything will be completed online.

And for the next year, applicants will be able to "Start a new Process with these data". Everyone who makes application through this Workflow will be required only to rewrite "HEISEI 28" (Japanese calender year) to "HEISEI 29" at [EDEIE], and "HEISEI 27" to "HEISEI 28" at [DIPEIE]. (Unless change in family member or in insurance policy.)

[Dependent Exemption Application / Insurance Premium Deduction]

You wise readers would have noticed, these are almost the same as the flow I introduced last year.
However, an automated Step of [Cloud Print] is added in this Workflow Definition. (along with a Data Item of "Cloud Printer")

'Print out automatically generated PDF by yourself, affix your seal, and bring it to Administrative department.'

Such an announcement would be no use against a few people who wouldn't follow instructions. So it is modified to a mechanism that PDF to be printed out automatically by a printer in the administrative Dept. at the moment of completion of the application.

By the way, the auto-step [Cloud Print] is an Modeling element which has been added as Add-on XML. It throws a Print job toward remote printer via APIs of Google Cloud Print. If you would like to add this element to your existing Process Model, you need to download this add-on from Questetra website and import it to target Process Model in its property.

In addition, a [PDF Template] has been set for PDF auto-generation. That is a so-called "PDF form". So when you download the PDF, you can use it as "Fillable PDF form".

<Communication permission setting on Google Cloud Print side>
  • Application type: Web application
  • Name: qprint
  • Redirect URL: https://s.questetra.net/oauth2callback
<Setting example of Communication permission on Questetra>
  • Name: qprint
  • Authorization Endpoint URL: https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/auth?access_type=offline&approval_prompt=force
  • Token Endpoint URL: https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/token
  • Scope: https://www.googleapis.com/auth/cloudprint
  • Consumer Key: (Obtained at Google Developers Console)
  • Consumer Secret: (Obtained at Google Developers Console)

[Dependent Exemption Application:"2. Confirm & Printout PDF" screen]

[Insurance Premium Deduction:"2. Confirm & Printout PDF" screen]

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