Episode 503: "Master Reference" is for Eliminating the Fluctuation! (kintone version)

Monday, October 3, 2016
"Want to manage the Customer Master in kintone!"

"kintone" is a Cloud-based Database that is popular in Japan. Comparing to the "Google Spreadsheet" which is likewise a simple Cloud-based database, it is easy to use for beginners of the Cloud computing even though it has some functional limitation.

And "Customer management" is one of the most common kintone use applications.

The following Workflow is a synchronization process for updating "Customer Master on the Workflow platform" in referencing "Customer Master on kintone". It is exactly the same flow of the previous article "Episode 502: "Master Reference" is for Eliminating the Fluctuation!". Automatically runs at five o'clock in every morning.

The only difference is that it refers to "the Master on kintone", instead of "the Master on Google SpreadSheet".

[Customer Master Synchronization-kintone]

[Addon-XML config screen]

[kintone screen: Customer List]

This request transmission, that is performed at five o'clock in the morning, is toward "kintone REST API". (whereas "Google Sheets API v4" in previous article)
* Kintone REST API - kintone documentation

In the previous article, authorization for communication with Google Sheets API was conducted on the method referred as "OAuth2.0", but the communication with kintone REST API is authorized by the method of "User authentication by custom header".
* kintone does not support OAth2.0. (as of Sep. 2016)

Setting for communication is easier since it will be done only in the Service Step "Sheet reference" (without OAuth 2.0 configuration). However, on the other hand, an invariant key referred to as "API Token" will be used continuously. Although I hear about "Creating a duplicate key without permission" in the real life sometimes, you really need to be careful for this "API Token" not to be duplicated or stolen.

<Information of Connection>
  • Subdomain: https://{subdomain}.kintone.com/
  • Application ID: https://{subdomain}.kintone.com/k/3/
<Generating "API Token" on kintone side>
  1. [App Management] > [Change Settings] > [API Token]
  2. [Generate]

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