Episode 485: Auto-addition to "Catalogue Mailing List"

Monday, May 30, 2016
"I can hardly get rid of mistakes in Catalogue mailing..."

You want to correspond to "Request for a Catalogue", which you have accepted via published web form, as quickly as you can. However, it won't be a joke if you made mistakes in the "Address" or "Company name" that the customer has entered. When creating "Cover sheet" with Microsoft Word by Copy & Paste, for example, made mistake that shifted ane line of the record in the list to be referred, and results in complaint,such as
  • Our company name is not like this.
  • There is no employee in the name of this.
In the worst case, it might be a "Personal information leakage incidents".

In the following Business Process, "a personnel in charge of accepting" checks entries via web form
  • if the address was not inappropriate such as erroneously submitted in the middle of the input?
  • if the address was not nonsense for mischief purpose?
  • if it does not contain abbreviations or unnecessary space?
After the check, "Cover sheets PDF" will be generated automatically, then "a personnel in charge of Mailing" will print it out and enclose the Cover sheet with the Catalogue. No manpower be involved, there.

The excellent point is that not a "list" will be created in this business operation. The risk of information leakage will be extremely reduced. And as soon as the sealing job is completed, data such as "company name" and "telephone number" will be automatically added to the Cloud-based database. (Although it is apparent, it is also assumed a flow to ask "Sales representative" in case of receiving a message such as "Want an estimate together".)

[Catalogue Request Correspondence]

In this example, data of list of Address, Company name, Customer name, etc. will be stored (additionally) into Cloud-based Database, "kintone".

Of course, it is also possible to display a "List of Address,Company name, Customer name" on Workflow side. However, in cases where it needs something to be added to the list by all the staff, it would be better managing separately in a database or spreadsheet.

Incidentally, the specific method of setting "Auto postscript" is in the same way as the previous article (credit management flow), which is a flow that
  • automatically generated a "JSON string for the data integration",
  • send it as Request to the kintone API.

Please import the sample and see its setting screen for the details of the setting which is not posted below.

[Catalogue Request Correspondence: "1. Confirmation / Judgement" screen]

= Setting example of kintone app
  • [Record number]
  • WFPid (Strings single line)
  • quickSupport (Strings single line)
  • company (Strings multiple line)
  • name (Strings multiple line)
  • tel (link)
  • email (link)
  • NOTE (Strings multiple line)

= Setting sample of Script Step "JSON Generate" (Server-side JavaScript))
//// == Retrieving ==
var pid = processInstance.getProcessInstanceId() + "";
var quickSupport = data.get("18"); 
var company = data.get("28") + ""; 
var name = data.get("30") + ""; 
var tel = data.get("7") + ""; 
var email = data.get("8") + ""; 

//// == Calculating ==
// Multidimensional object to match the kintone app to connect to

var myObj = {
  "app": "4",
  "record": {
    "WFPid": {
      "value": "-"
    "quickSupport": {
      "value": "-"
    "company": {
      "value": "-"
    "name": {
      "value": "-"
    "tel": {
      "value": "-"
    "email": {
      "value": "-"

myObj.record.WFPid.value = pid;
myObj.record.quickSupport.value = quickSupport.get(0).getDisplay() + "";
myObj.record.company.value = company;
myObj.record.name.value = name;
myObj.record.tel.value = tel;
myObj.record.email.value = email;

var myJsonText = JSON.stringify( myObj );

//// == Updating ==
retVal.put("22", myJsonText )

= Setting sample of Script Step "Auto-duplication of Input data" (Server-side JavaScript)
(* It is also possible to configure by arranging [Data Assignment] (M227), not using Script Task.
//// == Retrieving == 
var zipCode = data.get("1") + ""; // sip code 
var address = data.get("3") + ""; // address 
var company = data.get("4") + ""; // compant name 
var department = data.get("5") + ""; // Dept. name 
var name = data.get("6") + ""; // customer name 

//// == Calculating == 
name =  "Mr./Ms." + name;

//// == Updating == 
retVal.put("26", zipCode ); 
retVal.put("27", address ); 
retVal.put("28", company ); 
retVal.put("29", department ); 
retVal.put("30", name ); 

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