Episode 468: Issuance of Service Credit on SLA

Monday, February 1, 2016
SLA, Service Level Agreement...

It is a system that Cloud service providers and telecommunications service providers to declare their own "Service Quality" and to make refund, etc. when the actual service falls below the standard. In this "Cloud-first" era, you might have seen or heard it even if you are not in the IT industry.

The following Workflow is a Business Process for a service provider to make "refund,etc."

Although this may be unfamiliar to general people, the SLA system actually is mostly starts the flow of refunding, etc. when receiving "Claims from Users". Well, it sounds like "System to refund after receiving the complaint", but it is so in reality...

However, any softwares contains bugs. Also in the specifications that are believed secure in the world, there is always weakness. And yet, use styles of the user side are infinite variety. Some people would be stuck, some people wouldn't. It might be an unavoidable method, because to "carry out the refund, etc." under such circumstances.

[SLA Claim]

This Workflow will be started when "there is an entry (claiming) into published Web form". It is nothing special, it is a similar flow as "Inquiry corresponding flow" or "Complaint handling flow". Although it is the royal road in such a "Response Process", also this Workflow is set to automatically record such as "Claim accepted time", "Primary answer time", and "Final response time".

By the way, this SLA system will be introduced not only in "Cloud service" or "Telecommunication service" but also in various service industries, such as "Logistic service" and "Outsourcing contract services" in the future. The role played by the information system will become increasingly important.

[SLA Claim: "Web form" screen]

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