Tributary in Each Subsidiary Merges to Form Mainstream

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
"Collect Individual Numbers by each subsidiary!"

Human resources system is different for each subsidiary. Even the scale of the number of employees is different. Yes... Some companies are hiring hundreds of Part-timers, while others are not at all. Some companies have regional branch offices across the country, whereas others have nothing.

"Shared Services" which is a mechanism of sharing the indirect departments in a Group of companies is not uncommon. In many cases, procedures of Social security and taxation are also delegated to the Shared Services Center. However, there is no choice other than the "collecting of Individual Numbers" to be done in each company, if the industry and business category were largely different from each subsidiary. For so-called the "Methods for identification", you should ask them to devise at each company.

About "Collecting of Individual Numbers ", I exemplified the five processes in this blog.
  1. Application-approval in a small organization
  2. Check Digit function added
  3. Identifications on site
  4. Identifications only in the head office
  5. Identification by complex application

In the following Workflow, Individual Numbers that have been collected through it will be eventually automatically aggregated in the Shared Services Center. It is assumed that "HTTP transmission", an automatic Event, is to be placed at the most downstream of the Collecting Process in each company.

[Acceptance of Updated Information Process]

This Business Process is a good example of "Process for data collection".

Very simple, so I think we'd better call it a "database", rather than a "Business Process".
  • Individual Numbers Collection Process in "Questertra Energy, Inc."
  • Individual Numbers Collection Process in "Questertra Chemistry, Inc."
  • Individual Numbers Collection Process in "Questertra Designing, Co Ltd."

Among the Business data that have flowed through "Obtaining Process" of each subsidiary, only the information which is required for the Shared Service Center will be received. The Shared Service Center side will never receive, for example, "information of ID card, etc. which was utilized for identification".

By the way, Check Digit verification is executed automatically.

Certainly, automatic verifications might have been conducted on subsidiary side. However, there may be a possibility that manually entered or corrected. Anyway, no special cost will be incurred for automated check by "Script Step". You run it practically, and check the number of occurrences of "x. Confirm to Subsidiary", the human processing. Thereon, you may delete it if you think it is unnecessary.

[Acceptance of Updated Information Process:"1.Input" screen]

[Data Items list]

[Individual Number Obtaining Process - Check Digit]

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