Not Directly Modify Expense Paid Data!

Monday, May 11, 2015
"Rewriting the data that has been entered in the upstream Step, in the downstream Steps."

It is a familiar case though, it makes me restless somehow. In particular, I feel nervous for "overwriting" in a Business flow to carry out "settlement of cash", such as "Expense Reimbursement claim". However, the operation cannot be expedited if each and every small mistake was sent back to the upstream Step... Particularly, such as the mistakes in selecting "Expense item" occur routinely.

The following Workflow, although it is very similar to the one which was published in the previous article, has been arranged a [Script Step] for duplicating items in the middle of the flow.

It separately manages
  • A) Data that the applicant have entered
  • B) Data that modified by an Accounting personnel

[Expense Reimbursement claim flow-original preserving]

[Expense Reimbursement claim flow-original preserving:'1. Application' screen]

Even though "data storage" becomes doubled, it's a very smart way.

For the applicant him/herself, it is possible to reflect on what kind of mistake he/she committed, since the "A) Data that the applicant have entered" are not altered or edited. And more than anything, it allows to recognize which part had annoyed the accounting staff.

"Leaving the Business data of Full score only" is not necessarily a good policy in terms of learning...

By the way, if the Data type was Date, Datetime, String, or Select, it is easier to set the Data replication by the Service Task (Data assignment). For the advanced data formats such as table type are not possible to express in a simple formula, so it needs to be processed in [Script Task] eventually.

[Items Duplication setting screen]

[Sample Script of Items Duplication]
//// == Retrieving ==

// mytable: com.questetra.bpms.core.model.formdata.ListArray
var mytable = data.get("5"); // Retrieving Table type data

//// == Updating ==

retVal.put("9", mytable ); // Inserting to table

[Data Items list]

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