Let's Standardize 'Proposal Creation Process'!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
'Standardization' of sales activity is hard. It is really harder when it involves consulting.

In fact, experienced salespeople won't change 'their own way'. If they do, it would be only when they think over the things based on their own experience. After all;
  • A. No interest in learning the "way of the others".
  • B. No interest in teaching the "way of their own" to the others.

However, for the aspect of organization, you cannot depend on veteran's own way. Their know-how should be passed over to younger people to increase organizational strength. Namely, veterans are required to spread their own way.

The following Business Process Definition is a 'Proposal Creation Process', to achieve standardization based on proposing procedure by a certain top salesperson. Exceptional Step is not described intentionally. Exceptional Step is not described intentionally.

This 'Proposal Creation Process' can be said it is in the sales style that requires skills and experiences to emphasize on the solution of the client's challenge. That is, a Sales technique that focusing on 'explanation of how to solve the challenge by prospective client themselves, rather than 'explaining the service product. As a matter of course, that top salesperson would never feel nothing annoying to follow this procedure (Workflow). And the more salesperson makes proposal activities using this workflow, the better the business improvement would be achieved in various ways.
  • Everyone's "Proposal" will be accumulated -> Re-usability of the "Proposal" will be increased
  • Progress of negotiating Issue will be visualized -> More than one salespeople will be able to work for proposal as a team
  • The period of the negotiation will be also recorded automatically -> Everyone will be able to analyze proposing cycle

[Proposal Submission Work]

You will see for yourself that 'What kind of proposal is going to be submitted to where, now?' will be visualized, as soon as running this 'Proposal Creation Process'. In addition, it becomes easier to compare each other's achievements (the number of proposals), so that practice of the friendly competition will be possible. (Although, some people submit like high birth and high death, and others aim one shot one kill...)

Also, in this proposal creation work, although three steps of 1) Pre-proposal (Estimation of client's challenges), 2) Main-proposal (Confirmation of client's challenges), 3) Planning of how to proceed with the proposed project, are assumed, these can be omitted on a case-by-case basis. By the way, regular meetings are assumed for brushing up the deliverables at each step. However, the know-how which is based on is 'brushing up the own proposal involving in-house members of the surrounding', so the meetings are not always necessary.

It can be said that files of proposals which have been added to this Workflow (that have been actually used for proposal) are important assets for the organization. (With Questetra, Free up to 10 members)

<The fundamental of Creating Proposals: Write a proposal that you yourself want to get!>
Simple description of "cloud-based workflow product" [1 piece]
  • The capability of passing Business data according to Business Process (Business rule)
  • The capability of modifying Business Process (Business rule) with Drag & Drop at anytime
  • (In the cases of additional proposal, simple introduction of related features)
Enumerating client's challenge [1 piece]
  • Operational challenges which client themselves are aware of
  • Operational challenges which proposer felt from an objective point of view
Improvable challenges [1 to 5 pieces]
  • Illustrating of Business Process To-Be (Process diagram/Data Items)
  • Setting examples of Operating screen To-Be
  • Example of registration of User/ Organization/Role
  • Exemplification of improvement on External costs/ Internal processing/ Occurrence rate of mistakes,etc.
Explanations for procedure until system implementation [1 to 5 pieces]
  • How to apply for Free edition by client themselves
  • How to set up a Business Process for trial
  • How to manage project challenges

[Proposal Submission Work: '1. Draft for Pre-proposal' screen]

[Data Items List]

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