A Decision Making Flow that Allow to Increase Approver

Monday, May 14, 2012
The Workflow notation nowadays are easy to understand. (BPMN)
The most fascinating point is 'anyone can understand flow of works at first sight'. And it's also good that it is 'World's standard' De facto.

But in the other hand...
Employees who work on site can participate in the discussion, and exchange hot debate about 'Workflow to be'. As the result, Process owners will be in the situation that their adjusting ability to be asked. That's right, they can't be helped because it is what they are working for, but they can get Knowledge armament by reading "The Golden Rules of Business Process Modeling". Yes, BPMN is also an 'discussion tool'.

There is a request on Decision Making Flow, that an approver himself can add other approver before the approval. There are somebody to be asked to approve, even by the regulation (Business rule) does not require to do so. Behind-the-scenes work, or NEMAWASHI in Japanese... Well now, what you do?

[Decision Making Flow]

You, clever readers of this article, would think that 'that irregular treatment can be solved so quick with In-house SNS equipped Workflow'. Well, in this case here, I would like to exemplify a policy of flowing as a Task. Ad hoc behind-the-scenes work would be recorded clearly.

[Decision Making Flow [2. Approval] screen]

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