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Monday, August 29, 2011
"Workflow for Press release writing?"
"Nobody can take my place, and can't teach how to do my job"

In spite of how big the company is, there are a few tasks which is done by only one person. But you'd better not to give up defining them into Workflow. At least, it will be a big advantage just to clarify the progress of each project.

The following is a Workflow defined the outline of "Writing Press release". In this Workflow, smaller tasks such as gathering information and proof, are not mentioned. An overall definition.

0. Idea Proposal, 1. Maturing Material, 1a. Advice, 2. Draft, 2a. Advice, 3. Register Agent, 4. Web Upload, 5. Analysis, 6. Feedback

[Press release: [2. Draft] screen]

-Release info-
  • Ideas & Aim (string)
  • Title (string)
  • Subtitle (string)
  • Release Date (date)
  • Manuscript (string)
  • File Manuscript (file)
  • Agency URL (string)
  • WebSite URL (string)
  • Number of Appearance on Web Media (numeric)
  • Number of Appearance on Printed Media (numeric)
  • Number of Media Specially Featured (numeric)
  • URL of Specially Featured Media (string)
  • Advisary (select: Ask Advice / Next)
  • Consult to (User)
  • Opinion Reflection (select: yes/ no)
  • Ignore? (yes / no)
  • Comments (discussion)

As initial tasks of writer, there are task of [1. Maturing Material] and task of [2. Draft]. They are the recordings of information of press releasing plan on certain date, and of certain content. The point is anyone in any section can refer them.

If employees in Sales section or Production section saw the plan, and had another idea or material of article, they can tell them to the writer. (Task [0. Idea Proposal])

And as "Adviser", chief of related sections are of course, translater or designer would be the one.

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